What are the conditions for currency exchange?

The first-order condition is coincidence of user's accounting datas of currency to be changed with registration details of an account of the currency you want to get. In other words, the same person should own both accounts. The exchange between two accounts with different owners can be successful only having got an approval of our support service. 


How does the currency exchange succeed? 

You can choose the currency to be changed having clicked on its icons in the currency table or picking it up from the dropdown list. After that you will get a form where you should specify the amount of exchange and fill in all the datas. The amount you get as a result will be calculated automatically. After clicking on the button "Update" (in case of correct filling up of the form) you will be redirected to the page of the request purchasing of the currency you are changing. In case of having made a mistake while filling up the form you will get an error message with the highlighted lines to be corrected. 


What security do you lodge?

We work in automatic mode. The request processing takes several seconds. Our clients' comments you can find in our community. Also, our Business Level in WebMoney system can work as additional guarantee.


How long does the request stay active?

The request stays active for 3 hours. If it has not been purchased, the request status changes to  "Exceed"


I have paid the bill but the money haven't come. What is the reason?

In this case please contact us. We will find the reason and solve the problem.


What is it to do, if all the money from the electronic purse have been stolen and the exchange was done with the help of your service?

This situation is rare to happen, as the same person should own both accounts. In case, the problem still happened, please contact us and let us know all the details of the fraudulent action.


I have manually transferred money to your electronic purse , but didn't get it back. What happened?

You should purchase the request only through the merchant  interface, where you are redirected after making up an exchange request. You should not purchase your request with the direct transfer. In case it happened, please contact us.